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Civil litigation can be a long and expensive process even under the best circumstances.  Because of budget cuts to the judiciary, several courthouses have closed, increasing court congestion and making swift and inexpensive access to justice even more difficult.


Mediation offers an attractive alternative to civil litigation.  Mediation is more cost-effective than litigation.  Often, an experienced mediator can resolve a dispute before litigation is even filed.  Even after a lawsuit is filed, parties can agree to submit their dispute to a mediator to attempt a settlement.  This usually occurs after some discovery is conducted in the litigation but before significant attorney fees and costs are incurred, thus saving the parties significant time and money.  


Mediation is often preferable to litigation if the relationship between the parties will be ongoing.  Mediations are generally less adversarial than litigation and, and a skilled mediator can assist in fostering communications so that emotions are kept in check, so that business or personal relationships can survive the current conflict.  


Mediation can result in reaching a resolution that is more palatable than the relief available from a court.  In civil litigation, a judge or jury determines the outcome, and they are limited by the relief allowed by law.  In mediation, the parties have more options available to them because they themselves participate in crafting the solution.  


Mediations are also private.  In litigation, the parties' "dirty laundry" is aired in public.  The mediation process is confidential and remains confidential even if the parties do not reach an agreement.  


As a volunteer settlement conference officer for the Los Angeles Superior Court for, I have presided over 50 voluntary settlement conferences in personal injury cases, using common mediation techniques, resulting in numerous settlements. As an attorney with over 25 years experience in the representation of health care and other professionals in business, insurance, employment and professional liability matters, I offer a low-cost alternative to the major alternative dispute resolution (ADR) firms.  


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